Critical Glue

GG#4 x Polar Bear (Space cut) x Critical Mass (Bilbo cut) Reversed

Sativa | Indica | Hybrid: 60/40 Hybrid

Yield : Extra Large 

Sex: Feminised

Photoperiod | Autoflowering: Photoperiod

Indoor | Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

Plant Height: Medium

Seed Quantity: 10+ Seeds

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Our cut GG#4xPB have the great trichomes pruduction like the GG#4 but is more yielder and the smell and taste same in life as dry is more intense and speciate this is a of our more special cut. about the Critical Bilbo already are all talking this legend life are a yield XXL and have a intense sweet smell and flavor like candys.

This cross is a beast yield with high trichomes production as can see in the pictures, intense citric-fuel smell with sweet candys in the background, really amazing and intense in the mouth and in the head.